Comprehensive Fleet Management


Angel Enterprise Systems developed the Engine Angel software starting in 2012, and after a six month effort has the basic application at a stage where we can begin offering it to the trucking industry for Fleet Management. The goal of Engine Angel is to improve fleet safety, efficiency, and compliance through data integration and comprehensive analysis.

As of March 2013, the functionality available is:

1. Digital vehicle inspection forms for pre-trip and post-trip inspections

2. SenX Technology’s FirstLook™ pulse sensor test data storage and analysis

3. ECM data upload and storage

4. Engine integrity check for valves, rings, head gasket, injectors and a wide range of conditions with the SenX test kit

5. Cold crank relative compression testing of any diesel engine in under five minutes with two sensors and the SenX test kit

This provides a foundation to the fleet owner for viewing the mechanical integrity of the engine and other aspects of the vehicle as reported via the inspection forms.

When fully developed the Engine Angel application will allow for a much different view of your fleet operations than provided by any other software today and include:

1. Predictive Failure Analysis

2. Incident Causation Analysis (to prevent future accidents/breakdowns in similar conditions)

3. Route/Driver/Vehicle optimization based on a wide range of factors that include weather, load, driving conditions, driver behavior and vehicle performance conditions.

4. Track fleet fuel efficiency effectiveness by sub-groups within a fleet, such as trucks with specific add-ons, fairings or modifications for EPA SmartWay credit

5. Accurate data for supporting “keep or cull” decisions when deciding to sell or purchase vehicles


Our estimated savings through the use of Engine Angel is $8,000 per vehicle per year for a fleet of 100 trucks driven 100,000 miles per year.*

The Engine Angel software is now in a Patent Pending status as of March 15, 2013.